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There are several methods of scheduling an inspection:

1. Schedule online with the Inspection Scheduler.
This selection also allows you to view the status of your permit, previous inspections, and the results of your inspection.

2. You may contact our office at (361) 826-3240.
We will be happy to assist you. Any available permit clerk will assist you in scheduling an inspection. Because there may be an extended wait time due to heavy walk in traffic, please use this option only when other options are not available. All inspections are scheduled for the next business day.


Building Application Review and Tracking
You are able now to view the comments to a plan set currently under review by City staff. The comments are posted online in real time and are available for information and future plan revisions that may be required. Please be sure to submit an entire plan set when revisions are complete, as fees are assessed after revision number three. Read the Instruction Sheet for Viewing Plan Review Comments. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If fees are outstanding, they must be paid before any inspections will be scheduled. This includes any tap fees or administrative penalties assessed for work without a permit.